LiteRibbon Press Release

Sun Valley, CA October 28, 2009 – LiteGear Inc. today officially announces the availability of its LED LiteRibbon System. The system consists of flexible LED ribbon, controlled by flicker-free dimmers, and a complete line of power supplies and distribution. LiteRibbon is available in many types including Warm-White, Cool-White, Diffused Silicone, RGB, and other colors. LiteRibbon […]

ICG Magazine, Where No DP Has Gone Before

The May 2009 issue of International Cinematographer Magazine features a great article about cinematographer Dan Mindel and his experience shooting Star Trek directed by JJ Abrams. Dan is very talented DP and lucky for us, is a LiteGear customer. Dan and the gaffer Chris Prampin made use of many LiteGear products including nearly 800 dimmable […]

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