Meet the Next Generation of Spectrum

Meet the Next Generation of Spectrum

Welcome to the next generation of LiteMat Spectrum. The re-engineered LiteMat, powered by Spectrum technology, offers improved dimming performance, powerful companion dimmers, up to 8 pixel-mappable large-format pixels, and buttery smooth low-end dimming. And for the first time, Spectrum color technology is being brought to a LiteMat 8. This full-color light source combines high-quality color rendition and precision control in one sleek, easy-to-use package. The LiteDimmer Spectrum AC/DC 200 & 400 brings advanced electronics, Ethernet communication, and AC or DC operation in a compact unit. Designed to be rigid, lightweight, ultra-thin, and easy to rig, the versatile LiteMat Spectrum is the go-to lighting solution for stage, studio, or location lighting setups.

Engineered for what’s next

Engineered for the future, the evolution of the LiteMat Spectrum includes a more robust design in a feature-packed fixture that will meet your lighting needs now and into the future.

Smoother Low-End Dimming

New electronics enable advanced, even dimming to zero while maintaining the color temperature.


Individual light engines, also known as large-format pixels, allow for video content to be displayed on a pixel-mapped LiteMat Spectrum, or for the creation of a subtle CCT gradient.

Robust Design

Upgraded construction increases the strength and durability of the LiteMat allowing it to withstand the harsh conditions of set life.

Precision-Calibrated Electronics

Improved calibration in LiteDimmer Spectrum electronics ensures consistent performance across the Spectrum family of products.

Updatable Pixel driver firmware

The ability to install the latest firmware keeps your LiteMat Spectrum running smoothly with improved functionality and performance.

Spectrum just got bigger

The LiteMat Spectrum 8 joins the Spectrum family and amplifies the features found on all full-color LiteMat Spectrum fixtures. With eight large-format pixels, the control and effects possibilities are endless. The large surface area, producing a broad and soft quality of light, and full color changing capabilities make the LiteMat Spectrum 8 the most powerful and versatile LiteMat to date.

Intimate yet grand

Measuring 40 inches x 40 inches (1 m x 1 m) and only 1 inch thin (25 mm), the LiteMat Spectrum 8 unique size and slim profile provides a broad, soft quality of light.

Eight large-format pixels

The eight, full-color, individually controlled large-format pixels enable effortless creation with the perfect amount of pixel resolution for cinematic illumination.

Lightweight and sturdy

The largest LiteMat Spectrum is lighter than any competing light of its size, while still incorporating LiteGear’s legendary build quality.

Full complement of accessories

A full complement of light control, power, and mounting accessories are available. Add diffusion, teasers, grids, mounting, and storage options that allow you to assemble the perfect lighting kit.

The LiteMat Spectrum family has Grown

With the introduction of the LiteMat Spectrum 8, the LiteMat Spectrum family is complete. From the single-pixel LiteMat 1 to the eight-pixel LiteMat 8, the LiteMat family offers six convenient sizes designed for quick setups, ease of use, and a variety of lighting setups. LiteGear offers a full line of accessories for LiteMat which include skirts, diffusions, grids, mounting options, and more.

The convenience of AC and DC power

The LiteDimmer Spectrum AC/DC units can be connected directly to mains power with no external power supply required. When AC power is not convenient, connect a 48-volt DC battery to the 3-pin XLR connector and you’re on the go. When both AC and DC power are connected, AC will take priority. When the AC is disconnected, the dimmer will automatically switch to DC power.

Advanced connections and communication

Two power classes, one compact design

Two power options are offered in the same feature-packed form factor. The 200-watt LiteDimmer Spectrum AC/DC 200 powers the LiteMat Spectrum 1, 2, 2L, 3, and 4. The 400-watt LiteDimmer Spectrum AC/DC 400 powers the complete LiteMat Spectrum line, including the LiteMat Spectrum 8. Both dimmers are backwards compatible with first generation LiteMat Spectrums.

Flexibility in Mounting

The new LiteDimmer Spectrum AC/DC 200 and 400 offers multiple quick mounting options. With a twist and a click, the Dimmer Stand Mount attaches to the dimmer and securely attaches to any light stand. For an even quicker solution, the integrated multi-function handle serves as a convenient mounting solution when placed on a light stand knuckle.