Photo Contest Winner … Trevor Metscher!

The winner of the LiteGear Photo Contestis……… Trevor Metscher! Congratulations. Trevor’s picture was taken at our shop in front of a LiteRibbon VHO 30 Panel. I great eye and some Hipstamatic enhancement has won him his own LiteRibbon Kit. We would like thank everyone who entered the contest. Trevor, give us a call.  

New Product Announcement – VHO Hybrid LiteRibbon™ & LiteCards, LiteDimmer Hybrid

Freedom To Set Kelvin! I what feels like years in the making, we are thrilled to finally introduce Hybrid. VHO Hybrid LED LiteRibbon and LiteCards contain alternating Warm White and Cool White LEDs  and allow for precise Kelvin temperature control. Combined with our revolutionary LiteDimmer Hybrid controller, you can adjust the brightness without effecting the […]

New Product Announcement – VHO LiteCard LED, the newest building blocks for your next great idea.

Meet LiteCard 8 and 16. The newest building blocks for your next great idea. LiteCard is a flexible sheet of light composed of a multiple array of low profile LED emitters. They are arranged in a 2:1 ratio, and are mounted to a flexible adhesive backed circuit board. LiteCard is designed for use where requirements […]

LiteRibbon – “On the Job” – Blackberry AT&T

On a recent Blackberry AT&T spot, director Michael Mann and Dp Roberto Schaffer were to be in a surveillance van with several actors tracking their subject. Taking place at night, the van was to be completely mobile during shooting and needed a high-tech interior look. Gaffer Mike Bauman assembled custom panels made from our LED […]

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