Welcome to LiteGear Live, our community outreach portal where we host panel discussions, educate, and discuss all things related to Set Lighting.  Join us for weekly conversations with Cinematographers, Gaffers, Rigging Gaffers, Fixtures Technicians, Programmers, and many more. We’ll be sharing behind-the-scenes photographs, production stills, and clips, all while chatting in real-time with the filmmakers who made it happen.

LiteGear Live Video Showcase

Our latest edition of LiteGear Live features guests Jeff Murrell, Gaffer, Scott Barnes, Programmer, and Mike Visencio, Fixtures Designer discuss all things lighting on the Avengers

Our fourth edition of LiteGear Live features guests Jeff Webster, Gaffer, Derek Hoffman, Programmer, Bobby Dechelis, Rigging Gaffer, and on The Mandalorian discuss all things lighting on the Disney Plus series The Mandalorian

Our third edition of LiteGear Live features guests Marcell Rev, Cinematographer, Danny Durr, Gaffer, and Jeff Kunkel, Key Grip discussing the style, use of color, and use of technology on the HBO series euphoria

Our second edition of LiteGear live features guests Erik Messerschmidt, ASC, Cinematographer and Danny Gonzalez, Chief Lighting Technician on the Netflix series Mindhunter discuss all things lighting.

The inaugural edition of LiteGear live features guests Cinematographer Mike Gioulakis and Chief Lighting Technician Ryan Lynch, discussing their most recent work on the Apple TV+ series Servant.

LiteGear Conversations Video Archive

Ford v Ferrari – An exclusive interview with Chief Lighting Technician Mike Bauman shares behind the scenes footage and insights on this award-winning film.

“How To” Video Archive

LiteMat is one of the most versatile fixtures you will ever use. Learn about, function, set up, and the available accessories.

Updating your LiteDimmer Spectrum has never been easier. This video walks you through the step by step process.

An introduction to LiteDimmer Micro Single, LiteGears entry-level, handheld LED dimmer.


View our collection of articles with Cinematographers, Gaffers, and Technicians discussing tips, tricks, and challenges of their projects.