Our Values

Innovation: We think outside-the-box to create revolutionary products and services that enable our customers to be successful. Looking towards the future, we strive to innovate all aspects of our business, products, services, customer experiences, and industry.

Community: We are a people-first oriented business that focuses on teamwork and connection to the industry. Every decision shows our commitment to being a good corporate citizen and our ongoing effort to do what’s right for our employees and our customers.

Integrity: We believe that trust builds a better company and community. Honesty and authenticity are our fundamental approach to every internal and external relationship. We foster trust by showing ownership, accountability, and humility with all actions and decisions.

Passion: We have an unwavering enthusiasm for every aspect of our business, derived from the talented, creative, and passionate people in our industry. We are driven to design outstanding products and provide unique solutions by empowering employees and customers to do incredible things.

Quality: We pursue perfection in everything we do and work relentlessly to deliver high-quality products, solutions, services, and customer experiences. Our commitment to quality is achieved through dedication, reliability, and the desire to never settle for anything but our absolute best.

Our History

Founded in 2006 by Al DeMayo, Mike Bauman, and Jeff Soderberg, LiteGear is an LED lighting equipment company for professionals in Cinema, TV, and HD Video industries. What started as a provider of flexible LED lighting for use in Cinema and TV lighting applications, grew into a major supplier of a wide range of advanced motion picture LED lighting to suit every on-set need. The innovation and development of LiteRibbon, LiteDimmer, LiteStix, LiteMat, and LiteTile continue to have a major impact on lighting and art departments across the globe. LiteGear offers technical expertise that assist gaffers and technicians with creating solutions to unique challenges on set. LiteGear will continue to innovate by maintaining close relationships with the community.

Our Founders

Al DeMayo – Growing up in Burbank, Al broke into the film industry at the age of 18 when he began working on movies, commercials, and music videos. In 1993, he and then-gaffer Claudio Miranda developed a groundbreaking new lighting system called DecaLight. The pair formed a small company that was, in 2000, purchased by Mole-Richardson Co. where Al later served as Mole-Richardson’s Director of Product Development. After leaving Mole-Richardson in 2005, DeMayo was offered the Fixtures Technician position for the new Iron Man movie. Working with LED technology was a defining experience for DeMayo that led to the birth of LiteGear in 2006. Al has been one of the driving forces in the company since its inception, and currently serves as Executive Chairman.

Mike Bauman – Originally from Wisconsin, Mike Bauman moved out to Southern California in the early ’90s to attend the American Film Institute. Mike has always had a passion for set lighting and was excited to pursue his passion and begin his career in Hollywood. His career as a gaffer started in the mid 90s lighting hundreds of music videos and he transitioned into narrative storytelling with the Tracey Ulman project Tracey Takes On in 1997. Mike went on to gaff many more features, including major blockbuster films such as Training Day, The Island, and Iron Man. While working on Iron Man, Mike and Al DeMayo came up with the idea to co-found LiteGear with their colleague Jeff Soderberg. As LiteGear grew rapidly over the years, Mike continued to influence product direction through his experience on features such as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Iron Man 2, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Nightcrawler, Phantom Thread, Vice, and Ford v. Ferrari. Mike currently serves on the Board of Directors of the company.