Oscar Micheaux

Oscar Micheaux, the United States’ first prominent Black filmmaker, directed and produced 44 films throughout his career. Throughout the first half of the 20th century, Micheaux depicted contemporary Black life and complex characters in his films, countering the negative on-screen portrayal of Blacks at the time. Depicting realistic relationships between Black and white people, the […]

Lanny Smoot

Lanny Smoot, is an electrical engineer, inventor, scientist, and theatrical technology creator. With over 100 patents, he is Disney’s most prolific inventor and one of the most prolific Black inventors. He has developed interactive attractions, special effects, new concepts for ride vehicles, and numerous other technological advancements for Disney’s theme parks, attractions, resort hotels and […]

Lewis Howard Latimer

Let there be incandescent light. Lewis Latimer was an inventor, draftsman, engineer, scientist, poet, author, artist, flautist and philanthropist. Among his achievements, Latimer (along with his assistant Joseph Nichols) was the first person to receive a patent for the direct forerunner to todays commonly used light bulb. The new light bulb invented by Latimer and […]

LiteGear Spectrum Technology Showcase

Join us for a hands-on presentation of Auroris X, Auroris V, LiteMat Spectrum (including LiteMat Spectrum 8), and Spectrum OS 3 in a virtual environment. Engage with the virtual production stage where you will get a hands-on experience with LiteMat fixtures and Auroris and unleash the power of Spectrum OS 3! The LiteGear Spectrum Technology Showcase will be hosted at ZeroSpace, the next-gen production […]

LiteGear Creative Solutions – Bringing Your Vision to Light

At LiteGear Creative Solutions, we leverage our 17 years of lighting expertise to provide unique and innovative lighting products and services. With roots in the motion picture industry, we know what it takes to create high-end results. We apply these experiences to discover solutions tailored to your needs, aesthetics, and project goals. Why LiteGear Creative […]

LiteGear Enhances the Ambiance at Messhall Kitchen

The local Los Feliz watering hole and favorite industry hangout gets a dual-purpose upgrade using cinema quality, color-rich, flicker-free lighting. Project Origin Messhall Kitchen, over the years has become a hub for creative professional actors, writers, and directors. Recently Messhall Kitchen has offered its establishment to film makers and encouraged them to take advantage of […]

Dynamic Fixtures

A Discussion with Blue Beetle Fixtures Foreman Joshua Earles-Bennett (Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Red Notice, The Outsider, Thunderforce) From a fixtures approach, how did you approach creating the right ambiance for Blue Beetle? Were there any unique challenges you encountered? The ambiance was set by the Production Designer (Jon Billington) and Cinematographer (Pawel Pogorzelski), […]

Meet the Next Generation of Spectrum

Welcome to the next generation of LiteMat Spectrum. The re-engineered LiteMat, powered by Spectrum technology, offers improved dimming performance, powerful companion dimmers, up to 8 pixel-mappable large-format pixels, and buttery smooth low-end dimming. And for the first time, Spectrum color technology is being brought to a LiteMat 8. This full-color light source combines high-quality color […]

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