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LiteGear Spectrum Technology Showcase

Join us for a hands-on presentation of Auroris X, Auroris V, LiteMat Spectrum (including LiteMat Spectrum 8), and Spectrum OS 3 in a virtual environment. Engage with the virtual production stage where you will get a hands-on experience with LiteMat fixtures and Auroris and unleash the power of Spectrum OS 3! The LiteGear Spectrum Technology Showcase will be hosted at ZeroSpace, the next-gen production […]

Meet the Next Generation of Spectrum

Welcome to the next generation of LiteMat Spectrum. The re-engineered LiteMat, powered by Spectrum technology, offers improved dimming performance, powerful companion dimmers, up to 8 pixel-mappable large-format pixels, and buttery smooth low-end dimming. And for the first time, Spectrum color technology is being brought to a LiteMat 8. This full-color light source combines high-quality color […]

Connecting LiteRibbon Has Never Been Easier

We are excited to bring you a small but powerful accessory to our LiteRibbon product family, QuickLinx. LiteRibbon has always been the building block to your great ideas, and now you can fabricate your next LiteRibbon creation without the need to solder! Designed to make solderless electrical connections, LiteRibbon QuickLinx are ideal for when you don’t […]

LiteGear Launches Spectrum OS2

LiteGear is proud to introduce Spectrum OS2, a brand new software update for LiteDimmer Spectrum Ballasts. The Spectrum OS2 software builds upon the unique functionality of LiteMat; thin, lightweight, rig-anywhere system, and provides full spectrum output that is a giant step beyond the traditional bi-color Hybrid systems by bringing improved stability, added enhancements, and new […]

LiteRibbon Chroma Cine-Five is Here!

The next generation LiteRibbon experience is here. Similar to its predecessors, LiteRibbon Chroma Cine-Five will continue changing the way sets, props, and costumes are lit for years to come. Introducing the newest and most adjustable hybrid LED LiteRibbon available. The new revolutionary Cine-Five features cinema quality 95+ CRI hybrid with the ability to add in […]

Product Video’s Start Pouring In…

Al DeMayo, LiteGear’s President and CEO here. Well, it has taken us years to finally focus some attention on creating product introduction and explainer videos. As long time filmmakers and lighting professionals we prefered to take the opportunity to create these films ourselves. As such, it took longer to begin than originally planned. We have […]

New Product Announcement – VHO Hybrid LiteRibbon™ & LiteCards, LiteDimmer Hybrid

Freedom To Set Kelvin! I what feels like years in the making, we are thrilled to finally introduce Hybrid. VHO Hybrid LED LiteRibbon and LiteCards contain alternating Warm White and Cool White LEDs  and allow for precise Kelvin temperature control. Combined with our revolutionary LiteDimmer Hybrid controller, you can adjust the brightness without effecting the […]

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