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Product Video’s Start Pouring In…

Al DeMayo, LiteGear’s President and CEO here. Well, it has taken us years to finally focus some attention on creating product introduction and explainer videos. As long time filmmakers and lighting professionals we prefered to take the opportunity to create these films ourselves. As such, it took longer to begin than originally planned. We have […]

New Product Announcement – VHO Hybrid LiteRibbon™ & LiteCards, LiteDimmer Hybrid

Freedom To Set Kelvin! I what feels like years in the making, we are thrilled to finally introduce Hybrid. VHO Hybrid LED LiteRibbon and LiteCards contain alternating Warm White and Cool White LEDs  and allow for precise Kelvin temperature control. Combined with our revolutionary LiteDimmer Hybrid controller, you can adjust the brightness without effecting the […]

New Product Announcement – VHO LiteCard LED, the newest building blocks for your next great idea.

Meet LiteCard 8 and 16. The newest building blocks for your next great idea. LiteCard is a flexible sheet of light composed of a multiple array of low profile LED emitters. They are arranged in a 2:1 ratio, and are mounted to a flexible adhesive backed circuit board. LiteCard is designed for use where requirements […]

LiteRibbon Trademark

Congratulation are in order. LiteGear recently received the US Trademark for the term “LiteRibbon”. We are very proud. In the past few years, the word LiteRibbon has come to describe not only LED ribbon light, but also quality, reliability, and design appropriate for film, TV and live events. In the expanding world of LED’s, LiteRibbon […]

LiteRibbon Press Release

Sun Valley, CA October 28, 2009 – LiteGear Inc. today officially announces the availability of its LED LiteRibbon System. The system consists of flexible LED ribbon, controlled by flicker-free dimmers, and a complete line of power supplies and distribution. LiteRibbon is available in many types including Warm-White, Cool-White, Diffused Silicone, RGB, and other colors. LiteRibbon […]

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