Connecting LiteRibbon Has Never Been Easier

We are excited to bring you a small but powerful accessory to our LiteRibbon product family, QuickLinx. LiteRibbon has always been the building block to your great ideas, and now you can fabricate your next LiteRibbon creation without the need to solder!

Designed to make solderless electrical connections, LiteRibbon QuickLinx are ideal for when you don’t have the time or the tools to solder. The QuickLinx connectors snap on tight to the solder pads on every variation of LiteRibbon ensuring a secure connection. Technicians in the film, theatrical, and live event industries will appreciate this convenient alternative to soldering.

There are a variety of QuickLinx options available to accommodate many of the scenarios you may encounter while on set. LiteRibbon QuickLinx features two versions; a 3 amp QuickLinx and a 5 amp QuickLinx Pro. LiteRibbon QuickLinx connectors are available in Couplers, Cross Connectors, Tee Connectors, 90° Connectors, Coupler to Coupler, and Coupler to Bare-End Wire. LiteRibbon QuickLinx Pro comes in both Couplers and Coupler to Cable options. QuickLinx Pro connectors are made from heavy-duty polycarbonate and PVC, and pierce the solder pads to create an even sturdier connection.

LiteRibbon QuickLinx connectors are available in 3-conductor (Hybrid), 5-conductor (RGB-X), and 6-conductor (Cine-Five) versions. All LiteRibbon QuickLinx are sold in sets of 10 to help build out your LiteRibbon kits and ensure that you are always prepared on set.

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