LiteRibbon Chroma Cine-Five is Here!

The next generation LiteRibbon experience is here. Similar to its predecessors, LiteRibbon Chroma Cine-Five will continue changing the way sets, props, and costumes are lit for years to come.

Introducing the newest and most adjustable hybrid LED LiteRibbon available. The new revolutionary Cine-Five features cinema quality 95+ CRI hybrid with the ability to add in crisp RGB color accents. This is achieved by using the single best-applied phosphor LEDs available in the industry.

While Cine-Five is technically part of the Chroma family, at its core, it’s LiteGear’s most adjustable Hybrid LiteRibbon. Add in teal or magenta, or any color you desire to high CRI whites. You’ll never have to worry about adding gels to your LiteRibbon again. Always feel prepared for anything a set demands as Cine-Five is never the wrong answer; it can be absolutely anything.

Cine-Five is currently available in the X1 density and in a LiteCard version. Each of these products will lead the way with LiteGear’s newly refined LiteRibbon Chroma family. Cine-Five LiteCard will include LiteGear’s popular MagicBus™ feature. The solder pads on the card will be staggered in between the LED’s and the cut points, which means bussing will be 90% faster and easier.

Each variation of Cine-Five is available in 12 volt and 24 volt versions. Cine-Five makes the perfect companion to LiteGear’s Studio 5X8 Dimmer, which has a built-in Cine-Five mode that will make the user experience incredibly streamlined and simple. More variations will be added to the Chroma line in 2020.

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