ICG Magazine – You Sunk My Battleship!

Battleship the movie opens in theaters May 2012. Shot by Tobias Schliessler, ASC, the film takes place on a Naval Battleship. Early on in pre-production, we were fortunate to meet with Tobias and his gaffer Bob Krattiger to discuss LiteGear products and how they might help with some unique challenges they had. As you can imaging, shooting on actual ships can prove to be difficult. Together, we came up with some lightweight, customized LED panels and strips that the guys installed and used around the ships control panels. Our LiteRibbon and LiteCard LED products really do make it simple to tightly integrate lighting into small or irregular shaped locations. Controlled by our exclusive, union assembled LiteDimmer controls, just about anything is possible. Anyway, back to ICG Magazine. They have written another great article over there. This time about Battleship entitled “You Sunk My Battleship!“. Have a look, we even received a mention…

Photo courtesy of ICG Magazine.

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