TechScout Touch – Lighting Edition available now! Updated 2013!

We here at LiteGear are proud to announce the release of TechScout Touch – Lighting Edition, a professional lighting equipment ordering app for all iOS devices, available now in the Apple App store. TechScout Touch – Lighting Edition, a major revision to the popular TechScout Touch app released in 2010.

UPDATE: TechScout Touch, Lighting Edition has now reach over 5000 active users worldwide! There are hundreds of orders being submitted to rental houses ever week. Also, an Andriod version of the Lighting edition is beginning final testing as well as an iOS Grip Edition thanks Academy Award winning Key-Grip fiend of ours, Richard Mall.

“It’s like having your own Best Boy, even if you are one!”



TechScout Touch – Lighting Edition has been completely rebuilt from the ground up from the huge amount of feedback we got from the original TechScout Touch. It makes it easier for cinematographers, lighting designers, gaffers, and best boys to create lighting equipment lists intended to be submitted to crew, rental houses, studio set lighting departments or various productions. With over 3,000 lighting items arranged into over 100 categories, TechScout Touch makes the task of creating an equipment list incredibly simple. Any order, large or small can be done in minutes! The intuitive interface makes it quick to include important job and production information, gear notes and pickup and delivery details. Finally have equipment lists for your entire production on your iOS device.

Notable Features:

  • Over 3000 professional lighting products included in over 100 categories, over 1500 additional items from the original Techscout Touch!
  • Easily add new or custom equipment into part of the database
  • Full searchable
  • Add quanties by simply tapping.
  • New Tap and Hold function doubles the current quantity.  Makes creating large quantities of items quick!
  • Create a list in minutes and email orders to your Producer, DP, Gaffer, Best Boy or Equipment rental house.
  • The ability to view a categorized, editable list as a whole before releasing it. See your entire list and make adjustments!
  • All of your orders are retained in the app for reference or to modify and resend.
  • Add optional notes for each category, job or specific piece of equipment.
  • Every category expanded with new equipment.
  • New Lift and Safety category added
  • Free!

ATTENTION USERS OF VERSION 1.0! Please read the update description in the App Store before upgrading. Very important!


Check out the screenshots:

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