IronMan 3 – Hall of Armor

Comic-Con 2012 was in full swing this past weekend and with the success of the recent Avengers movie, Marvel Studios is certainly attracting a lot of attention. As many of you know LiteGear has been involved in providing lighting gear and services to Marvel movies since IronMan 1. Movies that followed were IronMan 2, Thor, Captain America and others. We have been very fortunate to have also become involved in the production of IronMan 3, due out in 2013. Well that didn’t stop Marvel from providing a sneak look into the next film. The Ironman 3 booth at this years Comic-Con provided a preview of the next version of the legendary suite. Also on display was the entire Hall of Armor showcasing all of Tony Starks suites from the Mark 1 all the way to Mark 5. The marketing folks at Marvel asked us to light this HOA specifically for this event. Of course it is lit entirely with our Genuine VHO LED LiteRibbon and controls. I guess when Tony Stark chooses LED products, he chooses LiteGear. Ha! Have a look at the video from the guys at Wired Magazine.

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