LiteRibbon “On the Job” – Budweiser

This time “On the Job” with LiteRibbon is Mott Hupfel and Budweiser. Shooting in a sensitive location is always a tough situation.  A recent Budweiser commercial shot in a bar which had many limitations on rigging due to past experiences. Mott wanted to hide lights in the ceiling by attaching them to wood headers. Normally […]

LiteRibbon “On the Job” – VW Punchdub

It’s time for LiteRibbon™ on the Job again. This time with Cinematographer Sal Totino and Volkswagen. The spot involved many different cars driving in different environments. Each of those vehicles required battery powered lighting. Sal wanted to have an unobstructed view looking out the windows which required all daylight fill to emanate from inside the […]

LiteRibbon Trademark

Congratulation are in order. LiteGear recently received the US Trademark for the term “LiteRibbon”. We are very proud. In the past few years, the word LiteRibbon has come to describe not only LED ribbon light, but also quality, reliability, and design appropriate for film, TV and live events. In the expanding world of LED’s, LiteRibbon […]

LiteRibbon Press Release

Sun Valley, CA October 28, 2009 – LiteGear Inc. today officially announces the availability of its LED LiteRibbon System. The system consists of flexible LED ribbon, controlled by flicker-free dimmers, and a complete line of power supplies and distribution. LiteRibbon is available in many types including Warm-White, Cool-White, Diffused Silicone, RGB, and other colors. LiteRibbon […]

ICG Magazine, Where No DP Has Gone Before

The May 2009 issue of International Cinematographer Magazine features a great article about cinematographer Dan Mindel and his experience shooting Star Trek directed by JJ Abrams. Dan is very talented DP and lucky for us, is a LiteGear customer. Dan and the gaffer Chris Prampin made use of many LiteGear products including nearly 800 dimmable […]

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