LiteGear, an IATSE, Local 728, Union Signatory!

It has been a few years in the making, but I am happy finally say that LiteGear Inc. is a Union Shop! The film and television industry is an interesting place and requires a sometimes delicate touch when doing business. For instance, film guys tend to shy away from salesmen. I am not sure why, but often seems to be the case. That is why we are so pleased to be a company that does sales and rental yet only employs lighting technicians, for just about everything. We have a contract with Local 728 allowing us to hire the best technicians in the world on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Please excuse our excitement, we’re just happy to making a positive contribution to the industry we know and love.

Special thanks to Patrick Abaravich for everything and to Ron Dahlquist for paving the way.

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