LiteRibbon – “On the Job” – Blackberry AT&T

On a recent Blackberry AT&T spot, director Michael Mann and Dp Roberto Schaffer were to be in a surveillance van with several actors tracking their subject. Taking place at night, the van was to be completely mobile during shooting and needed a high-tech interior look. Gaffer Mike Bauman assembled custom panels made from our LED LiteRibbon. “LiteRibbon really let us install lighting in impossible places. Each of the 4 work stations needed an actors key light, along with monitor and keyboard lights.” A TV monitor, computer servers and other architectural elements also received attention. In total, 31 individual LiteRibbon elements were used all controlled by an LED LiteDimmer 32 pack. The guys installed a single 55Ah deep-cycle battery for power, then ran the dimmable circuits to each location in the van. “The low profile of LiteRibbon allowed Roberto the freedom to move the camera to just about any angle he wanted”. Michcael Mann was even impressed at the speed of installation and LiteRibbons ability to be hidden easily. Well as you can see from the finished spot below, the team did not get their man, this time.

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