CineGear Expo 2011. We gave it our best shot!

Well, CineGear Expo is finally behind us. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to hang out and see all the new VHO Hybrid stuff. We had a great time and were honored to be nominated for the Cine Gear Expo 2011 Technical Awardfor best new lighting product.
Competition was pretty steep and we were being judged for our VHO Hybrid LED system. The system lets you adjust brightness and Kelvin Temp. independently without effecting the other setting. The judges perused 3 Hybrid LiteRibbon™ products, 2 Hybrid LiteCards, our revolutionary LiteDimmer Hybridcontrol, and even the very first VHO LED lighted SourceMakerballoon!  We gave it our best shot, but came in second place, named as “Honorable Mention”. Well that’s OK, I guess it’s not bad considering all the heavy-hitters we beat. We will be sure to continue to innovate and to create new building blocks for your next great idea! CineGear Expo 2012, here we come…

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