A “Sneak Peek” into TechScout Touch iPhone App!

It feels like we have had this on the drawing board since the day after the original iPhone was released. In actuality, it has been in development for just a few months. I would like to provide a sneak peek into the upcoming release of LiteGear’s first iPhone app, TechScout Touch. TechScout Touch is a simple app that helps you create lighting orders that can then be emailed to your Best Boy, DP, Producer, or anyone. The concept is simple and completely original. Begin by entering some job related info, then view over 600 included items that are categorized in 16 sections. To the left of each item is a “+”. Tapping this button increases the quantity of that item on your order. As you tap, the “+” button displays your quantity. Item quantity can be reduced by tapping the “-” button located just to the right of the item. Continue through as many or as few categories as needed, then you are ready to preview the order. Of course only the items you selected will be visible in the email and you can refer back to the order to edit anytime, especially after the producer sees the price. Reduce the order by 1 – 18k Fresnel, and send again. For the first time, you can be on the scout, in the van tapping your way to a short day because you submitted your order to the rental-house before you even arrived back to the production office. We think that’s pretty cool. And did I mention the app is free? Yeah, I want it too.

At this time, the fate of the app lies in the capable hands of Apple. Cross fingers! Check the screen-grabs below.

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