TechScout Touch, iPhone App!


Simplify lighting orders with TechScout Touch! A free app that runs on the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad.

TechScout Touch is designed for lighting professionals in the Movie, TV, and HD Video industry. The app helps you create lighting rental orders intended to be submitted to rental houses or to studio set lighting departments. Featuring a simple interface, you can easily include job, date and production information. And, adding gear is straight forward. The app includes over 1000 items separated into categories and sorted by type and wattage. The end result is a professional, complete order ready to be emailed.

Notable features:

Over 1000 professional lighting products included
No typing of equipment names, just tap quantity.
Email orders to your Producer, DP, Gaffer, BestBoy, Rental House, and even yourself.
Refer back to an old order for reference.
Customizable gear lists
Add optional notes

Download your copy from the iTunes Store

A quick how-to:
Begin by entering some job related info, then view over 1000 included items that are categorized in sections. To the left of each item is a “+”. Tapping this button increases the quantity of that item on your order. As you tap, the “+” button displays your desired quantity. Item quantity can be reduced by tapping the “-” button located just to the right of the item. Continue through as many or as few categories as needed, then you are ready to preview the order. Of course only the items you selected will be visible in the email and you can refer back to the order to edit anytime, especially after the producer sees the price. Reduce the order by 1 – 18k Fresnel, and send it again. For the first time, you can be on the scout, in the van, tapping your way to a short day because you submitted your order to the rental-house before you even arrived back to the production office.

This app is currently FREE. We reserve the right to do modest, LiteGear related advertising featuring relevant lighting products only. This will help keep the app free.

Your feedback is welcome and appreciated. Please contact us directly with thoughts, concerns, or thanks.

LiteGear’s TechScout Touch is from the creators of desktop software, OnSet Office. Now discontinued, OnSet Office had nearly 1000 licensed users worldwide, and is still beloved by some of our industry leaders. TechScout Touch now steps in to help you guys create lighting orders on the fly and in real time.

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