IATSE Local 728 LED Seminar

We were again honored to be part of the IATSE Local 728LED seminar, Saturday Aug. 21st. All the big-boys were there, showing their latest and greatest LED fixtures. We however were the only LED company not showing a fixture. Our LED LiteRibbonproduct line seemed to stand alone as the only LED system for creating custom panel lights or adding light to architectural elements. We showed a few lighted props such as a battery operated lantern with LiteRibbon inside, along with the now upgraded Pizza-Box light both equipped with wireless DMX dimmers from RC4. The main event was the seminar portion of the day that included a 90 minute talk from Ryan Fletcher who happens to head Arri’s LED product division. It was very informative. The entire event was organized by fellow 728 member Alan Rowe. As the only company present that is owned and operated by IA 728 members, we are proud to be included in this growing list of LED companies. Special thanks to Jason Hindman and Mike Visencio who helped represent LiteGear.


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