LiteRibbon – “On the Job” – Heineken

We are “On the Job” again with Sal Totino and Mike Bauman. This time in a bar with Heineken Beer and the brand new RED Mysterium X camera. This entire spot was lit with Warm White LED LiteRibbon. The guys were looking to do something beautiful but were pressed for time and faced with the rigging limits of the location. So, keylights and backlights were quickly assembled using VHO LiteRibbon mounted to 10mm plastic panels. Each weighed under 2 lbs and were easily attached to existing practical light fixtures. This allowed most of the rigging to be done with tape and grip clips, minimizing the time it took to light the scene. The bar itself was about 40′ wide and was lit with 2-1/2 rolls of VHO LiteRibbon. Using the adhesive mounted to the back of the ribbon, Mike’s guys could easily attach it firing down the front, creating an consistent front side scratch, all in about 10 minutes. The remaining lighting needs were architectural elements.
There were several panels and soffits, all with heat issues, that got the LiteRibbon treatment. All LED panels and elements were powered by 2 LiteDimmer 32 DMX dimmers controlled by an ETC SmartFade board. “LiteRibbon really worked perfectly to quickly get light into tight locations”, says Mike. “On the fly, we could just add some small detail to a product shot or architectural element”. Well, I think Sal, Mike and the guys were successful at achieving a beautiful look without compromising the location. Nice work.

Cinematographer: Sal Totino
Gaffer: Mike Bauman
Best Boy: Micheal Bonnaud
Set Technicians: Mike Tolotchko, Mike “Cowboy” Witzak, Jim Spencer, David Galadjian

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