On the Job – Men’s Warehouse


With the entire spot taking place inside a practical van in downtown Los Angeles DP Pawel Edelman and Gaffer Erik Messerschmidt were faced with a tricky situation; How to light the practical interior in the moody style Pawel wanted while maintaining the flexibility to balance to constantly changing exterior ambiance and limit the setup time with each shot. Erik turned to LiteGear for help. Using a Powrflo 32dimmable ballast, an art department supplied fluorescent was converted so the perfect level could be set per Erik and Pawel.  “It saved the day.” says Erik “We were able to balance our fluorescent key light to the setting sun without the mess of ND gel. It made the day stress free.”

To deal with the very confined space, Erik’s crew also assembled strips of warm white VHO LiteRibbonwith velcro attached to the back. This allowed them to place the light anywhere to light both the actors faces and the van’s control panels . “LiteGear proved to be the perfect resource to get the spot lit to everyone’s specs on time, and within budget. It was a perfect solution.”

DP Pawel Edelman

Gaffer: Erik Messerschmidt
BB: Andrew Korner
Lamp Ops:
Jeff Chin
Ruben Ramos
Driver: Greg Bluhm

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