Introducing LiteDimmer Pro Chroma

Dimming multicolor LiteRibbon, such as RGB, used to require complex DMX control, but with the release of LiteDimmer Chroma, the ease of use and flicker-free control epitomized by both our Single and Hybrid LiteDimmers now extends to our Chroma product line.

LiteDimmer Pro Chroma, through its simple but effective user interface, can tackle any job. A simple switch transforms the unit into one of six possible modes: one 32A circuit of RGBW/A Chroma, one 32A circuit of RGB Chroma, one 32A circuit of Hybrid, two 16A circuits of Hybrid, one 32A circuit of Single, or four 8A circuits of Single.

It’s easy to see that LiteDimmer Pro Chroma truly is the king of manual dimmers – it can do it all!

Features Include

Manually controlled
Chroma, Hybrid, and Single modes
Wireless remote triggering
Outputs DMX
Ultra High Capacity (32A)