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U2’s Bono Lit With LED LiteRibbon™ for Superbowl Ad.

Since 2006 LiteGear has been involved in lighting many things. We have developed LED light-engines for everything from kerosene lanterns to the “Iron Man” chest light. But a recent project took us by suprise. Art Director Todd Cherniawski approached us with a request for lighting a special element for a rather high profile music video […]

Catching Fire with FauxFlo

Hunger Games: Catching Fire – FauxFlo in action. For the movie Catching Fire, Production Designer Phil Messina designed a dance floor which had elaborate standing chandeliers which he envisioned hundreds of fluorescent tubes as a large visual element in the set.  Phil wanted the tubes to change color during the dance sequence in the film, […]

ICG Magazine – You Sunk My Battleship!

Battleship the movie opens in theaters May 2012. Shot by Tobias Schliessler, ASC, the film takes place on a Naval Battleship. Early on in pre-production, we were fortunate to meet with Tobias and his gaffer Bob Krattiger to discuss LiteGear products and how they might help with some unique challenges they had. As you can imaging, shooting on actual […]

LiteRibbon – “On the Job” – Blackberry AT&T

On a recent Blackberry AT&T spot, director Michael Mann and Dp Roberto Schaffer were to be in a surveillance van with several actors tracking their subject. Taking place at night, the van was to be completely mobile during shooting and needed a high-tech interior look. Gaffer Mike Bauman assembled custom panels made from our LED […]

On the Job – Men’s Warehouse

  With the entire spot taking place inside a practical van in downtown Los Angeles DP Pawel Edelman and Gaffer Erik Messerschmidt were faced with a tricky situation; How to light the practical interior in the moody style Pawel wanted while maintaining the flexibility to balance to constantly changing exterior ambiance and limit the setup […]

xStrip – “On the Job” – Budweiser

For a recent Budweiser commercial DP Mott Hupfel wanted a soft ambient tungsten light to cover the entire length of a 30′ bartop.  Mott wanted a quality of light that ideally would be shadowless and very flattering to the actors and the product.  xStrips loaded with 100w bulbs and covered with Light Grid diffusers worked […]

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