U2’s Bono Lit With LED LiteRibbon™ for Superbowl Ad.

Since 2006 LiteGear has been involved in lighting many things. We have developed LED light-engines for everything from kerosene lanterns to the “Iron Man” chest light. But a recent project took us by suprise. Art Director Todd Cherniawski approached us with a request for lighting a special element for a rather high profile music video that was to premier during a very high profile event. Since we are always happy to help, we said sure, what do you got? “It’s a microphone with an integrated light to illuminate the singer” said Todd. This circular microphone, designed by Rocky Gonzalez at 3D Mass was to hang from the ceiling directly over the performance stage. The singer could move it around and even swing it around.To illuminate the singer, the guys choose our new Color-Correct VHO Pro LED LiteRibbon™ in “Tungsten” color.


“While our VHO Pro LiteRibbon features an impressive 95 CRI rating, that’s only a small part of the story of VHO “Pro.” said Al DeMayo, CEO/UX Engineer at LiteGear. “After years of formulation and extensive testing we finally have the best flexible LED ribbon available” notes Al.

Here is the link to the spot , great work guys, and thanks for thinking of us.Well, the lighted microphone turned out quite well and both Todd and Rocky seemed very please. But who was the band? It was U2 performing thier new single “Invisible” for a Bank of America commercial in support of the non-profit organization (RED). It premiered at the 2014 Superbowl on Feb. 2nd.


Here are some screen grabs for a close up look.

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