xStrip – “On the Job” – Budweiser

For a recent Budweiser commercial DP Mott Hupfel wanted a soft ambient tungsten light to cover the entire length of a 30′ bartop.  Mott wanted a quality of light that ideally would be shadowless and very flattering to the actors and the product.  xStrips loaded with 100w bulbs and covered with Light Grid diffusers worked out perfectly, providing beautiful, soft tungsten light which could be dimmed to set a warmer color temperature.  By eliminating the diffusers on some of the xstrips in the background, Mott was able to get a different quality of light, separating the background from foreground actors.

Cinematographer: Mott Hupfel
Gaffer: Mike Bauman
Best Boy: Micheal Bonnaud
Set Technicians: Mike Tolotchko, Mike “Cowboy” Witzak, Jim Spencer, David Galadjian

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