Quite Simply, the Finest LiteRibbon Ever Made

The new LiteGear Cinema Series of LED LiteRibbon is the single best applied phosphor LED product available in the industry.  With staggering CRI and full-spectrum output, the Cinema Series is 40% brighter than the previous VHO Pro LiteRibbon.  This all-new LiteRibbon proudly joins the LiteGear Cinema family of unified color-space products including LiteMat S2, LiteMat+ Plus, and LiteTile+ Plus.

Where Quality and Value Come Together

The new LiteGear Studio Series of LED LiteRibbon, is an affordable, color-correct, studio-grade material designed for high volume installations across multiple departments.  This globally available LED lighting solution guarantees a matching color space and rock-solid reliability from the brand you can trust.


The Building Block for Your Next Great Idea

It’s the first and only color-correct, flexible LED ribbon on the planet. While it features an impressive 95 CRI rating, that’s only a small part of the story of VHO Pro. After years of formulation and extensive testing with A-list gaffers and renowned cinematographers, the fruits of our labor are finally available. When specifying an intense light source for a small area, VHO Pro120 is a great choice. When more subdued light is required, VHO Pro 60 provides an unmistakably soft light output.


Vibrant Colors  Beautifully Saturated

Chroma Single is the perfect choice when a pop of color is just what’s needed and is available in four individual colors: Red, Green, Blue, or Amber/Yellow. Not sure what color to choose? Then Chroma RGB will allow you to paint the town red . . . or pink or teal.  This LiteRibbon is a 3-in-1 emitter with red, green, and blue on a single chip. If that’s not enough color for you, then Chroma RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, Amber) will expand your pallet. Chroma-Correct is a proprietary LiteRibbon designed specifically for those with an eye on blending color with high-CRI white light.