LiteRibbon Sheds Light onto Alexander Payne’s Pint-sized World in Downsizing

In Alexander Payne’sfourth collaboration with cinematographer Phedon Papamichael, scientists discover how to shrink humans as a solution to over-population. The story follows Paul Safranek (Matt Damon), who shrinks himself to 5 inches tall, and joins a downsized community, a decision which he believes will lead to a better life.

Creating a downsized “world” would be no easy task for Papamichael, gaffer Raffi Sanchez and crew. “We were able to incorporate Hybrid LiteRibbon in to many sets, in particular the downsizing chamber set where a sizable amount of ribbon was used,” says Best Boy Electric Kevin Barnes. “In addition, the team also used a massive amount of Chroma Green LiteRibbon to edge light a giant green screen window plug,” he added. Sanchez also utilized custom LiteRibbon panels he built himself throughout the film as well.

For more photos and information regarding the uses of LiteRibbon in Downsizing, be sure to check out the January 2018 issue of American Cinematographer.

Downsizingis currently in theaters, and is nominated for (1) Golden Globe and (1) Critic’s Choice award.

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