LiteRibbon Press Release

Sun Valley, CA October 28, 2009 – LiteGear Inc. today officially announces the availability of its LED LiteRibbon System. The system consists of flexible LED ribbon, controlled by flicker-free dimmers, and a complete line of power supplies and distribution. LiteRibbon is available in many types including Warm-White, Cool-White, Diffused Silicone, RGB, and other colors.

LiteRibbon is cuttable to length in 1” increments, and can be optionally made waterproof. LiteRibbon is complimented by LiteDimmer, a high-frequency, high capacity LED dimmer capable of flicker-free operation regardless of camera speed, shutter angle, or ramping.
LiteRibbon LED strips are easily powered by 12 volts of DC power from supplies, batteries, or automobile adapters.

LiteRibbon can be used as a replacement for fluorescent or neon lighting in indirect applications. It is most popular as the light source for custom lighting projects. Head of engineering Al DeMayo stated, “Technicians like the ability to easily create custom light-fixtures that meet the unique needs that only they are privy to”. “On-the-fly, guys can whip up something that fits into a handheld prop, space-ship, or even the light-derived power source for a certain Iron Super-Hero”.
LiteRibbon has proven to be reliable on feature films such as Star Trek (2009), Transformers 2, Couples Retreat, and Iron Man 2. It was also used on Television shows such as Bones, The Mentalist, Brothers and Sisters, Better Off Ted, Southland, Miami Trauma and others.
LiteGear inc. is specialty lighting company owned by established, on-set lighting technicians based in Hollywood. Other products include dimmable fluorescent systems and multi channel strip lights.

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