Free Guest Pass to NAB Show 2016

Download your free NAB Show 2016 Guest Pass, complements of LiteGear…
and be sure to check out all the cool new tools at NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 16-21,2016.

Register at

Litegear Booth Number: C12716
Guest Pass Code: LV7353

LiteGear designs and builds LED lighting products for professionals in the cinema, TV, and HD video industries. LiteGear is the pioneer behind the popularization of flexible LED lighting for motion picture production, and our hero product, LED LiteRibbon, has transformed sets around the world. New for NAB 2016: LiteMat XR, LiteDimmer Wireless, ChromaCorrect Ribbon, and the Series 3 LiteDimmers.

This Guest Pass code is valid for a free* Exhibits Pass to NAB Show if redeemed before April 1, 2016.The Exhibits Pass includes access to the Exhibit Hall, NAB Show Opening, General Sessions, and Info Sessions. Register at, and enter your code at checkout.

*After April 1, 2016,a $25 (USD) registration processing fee will be applied.

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