Welcome to Litegear 3.0

The New LiteGear Website...

Welcome to our new home on the web! We’ve been tinkering with this in the shop for a while. It has finally made it off the bench. As you can see, it is a total rewrite and now you easily browse our online catalog and find out about the entire product line. Check out our new support section which features “How To” posts that will show you, well, how to wire LiteRibbon, rig a powrflo ballast or circuit an xFlo. And in a first for us, a News feed that will feature articles about industry events, customer profiles called “LiteGear SpotLite”, and information about how our customers are using LiteGear products in new and interesting ways. There will also be educational video from videos from the “LiteGear U” section, and a section for printed documentation. Enjoy!

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