LiteRibbon “On the Job” – VW Punchdub

It’s time for LiteRibbon™ on the Job again. This time with Cinematographer Sal Totino and Volkswagen. The spot involved many different cars driving in different environments. Each of those vehicles required battery powered lighting. Sal wanted to have an unobstructed view looking out the windows which required all daylight fill to emanate from inside the vehicle. The gaffer Mike Bauman came up with a simple solution. The guys made thin, custom made panels of LiteRibbon VHO Cool White LED’s wired to dimmers and powered from the vehicles 12v electrical system. These lightweight panels were then taped in place along the top of the windshield and directly to the headliner as soft daylight through a sunroof. Shots from inside as well as shot from outside the vehicle were available due the the ultra low-profile of the panels. In an ambulance interior, again everything had to built into the the inside. This became several sources scattered throughout the vehicle. Panels of different sizes were made as well as simply attaching LiteRibbon directory to surfaces along shelves and panels. To simplify control of the many sources, a LiteDimmer 32 DMX was used. In an available exterior storage compartment, the LiteDimmer, a deep cycle battery, and portable dimmer board were installed and allowed for quick, simple adjustments of levels. For stationary shots, the DMX board was relocated near camera. This is a great example of the flexibility of LiteRibbon, cuttable to length and adhesive backed. Mike and the guys could easily react quickly the unique demands of automobile lighting.

Cinematographer: Sal Totino
Gaffer: Mike Bauman
Best Boy: Micheal Bonnaud
Set Technicians: Mike Tolotchko, Don Davidson, Jeff Delucia, Anthony Guidino