LiteRibbon “On the Job” – Pine Sol

One of the great things about LiteRibbon is the ability to get light in many unusual places. On a recent Pine Sol job that Roberto Schaffer was shooting, there were a series of shots that required the actor to hold a bottle. The bottle needed to be lit to give it that “Pine Sol Glow”. This was accomplished by taking a small strip of Daylight VHO LiteRibbon attached to the back of the bottle. A wire was then run to a battery which was built inside the gift box that the bottle resided in.  Levels could be quickly set using the built in LiteDimmer rigged inside the box. Because there were several different bottles to be photographed, and each bottle contained different colored liquids, the output of the LiteRibbon was able to be quickly adjusted per Roberto’s needs. The final shot of the spot required 5 different bottles to be lit that were arranged around the actress. Again Daylight VHO Literibbon was attached to the back of each bottle.  Then these sources were DMX controlled with LiteDimmer 32, which were routed to a small dimmer board and individual levels were set.  Check out the final result!

Product: Pine Sol
Spot Title: Balcony
DP: Roberto Shaffer