Welcome to the LiteGear Software Center
This is where you will find the latest firmware updates for your LiteDimmers.

How to use this page: You’ll find a link to the LiteGear Firmware Updater App, instructions, and the latest version of the firmware. If you’ve already installed the Updater App to your computer, you don’t need to re-install it. You can simply download the hex file you’re looking for, load it into the app, and update your ballasts. As always, for technical support, call us at 818-358-8542 to speak with our technical support team.

LiteDimmer Firmware Updater

Firmware Version: LiteDimmer Spectrum Firmware Updater v1.10
Release Date: March 17, 2020

LiteDimmer Spectrum Firmware v1.10 Release Notes

  • Improved Screen Stability: The screen may no longer display irregular patterns when in manual mode.
  • Updated On-Screen Text Details: Accent labeling is now consistent throughout. 359º is now the highest Accent value.
  • Improved Display Navigation: Navigation through screens has been streamlined.
  • Improved DMX Operation: Functionality and stability have been improved. Operation improved at 44 Hz refresh rate.

• PC with USB-A port and internet connection.
• Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit)
  – A Macintosh running Windows 7, 8, or 10 on Parallels or Boot Camp may be used for installation.
• USB-A to 5-pin XLR LiteGear Updater Cable.

 – Software updates for LiteMat Spectrum Dimmer are possible with the LiteGear Updater Cable.

LiteDimmer Spectrum DC200 Firmware 1.10 Installation Instructions


  1. Download the LiteGear Firmware Updater App, and follow the prompts of the program. Once you’ve downloaded the app, it will reside on your computer and you will not need to re-download it for future updates.
  2. Download the zip file containing the Spectrum Firmware 1.10.hex file.
Set Up: 
  1. Connect ballast to power.
    – Do not connect ballast to fixture.
    – Do not connect to DMX.
    – Set wireless switch to OFF.
  2. Connect the Updater Cable to the 5-pin XLR port on the back of the ballast.
  3. Connect the Updater Cable to a USB port on your computer.
  4. On the ballast, set the main switch to the CENTER position, and navigate to the INFO screen by pressing the “INFO” button.
  5. Your ballast is now ready to be updated.
  1. Open the LiteGear Firmware Updater App
  2. In newly opened app window, select “Browse”.
  3. Select the downloaded Spectrum Firmware 1.10.hex file.
  4. Confirm that the COM Port is “USB Serial Port X” (X being determined by the computer).
  5. Click “Update” button on LiteGear Firmware Updater App.
  6. Click “OK” on 2 consecutive pop-up windows.
  7. Click “RESET” on the ballast (far left button under RESET).
    At this point, the ballast will perform a reset, and the program will begin to update. The green install bar will change from moving right to left, to left to right.
  8. Once the dimmer has been successfully updated, the check box on the app will turn GREEN.
    A successful update can be confirmed by tapping the “INFO” button on the dimmer and seeing that the firmware on the left hand side of the screen has been updated to v1.100
  9. Click “OK” on final pop-up window.
To continue updating more ballasts, simply connect a new ballast to the power and updater cables and follow steps 5 – 9.