Additional features packed in to Spectrum OS2


Seamlessly adjust your light without ever looking at the screen. The Nudge feature allows the user to combine the use of encoders and screen-side buttons  which gives a higher level of control and speed when adjusting parameters such as CCT, accent color, saturation, and tint. The audition and nudge feature can be used in conjunction for the ultimate set of light controls.


Sometimes limits are a good thing and that is certainly true for CurrentSense. This feature is an intelligent power manager that looks out for you by allowing larger light fixtures to operate on ballasts with smaller power sources. CurrentSense is perfect for limiting the power from on-board batteries which may not be able to handle full power output of the fixture.

DMX Transmit Mode

Spectrum OS2 has the ability to operate the ballast in local-mode while simultaneously outputting DMX signal to other Spectrum devices. Now one ballast can control many using DMX Transmit Mode. Up to twelve large-format Spectrum pixels, spread over multiple fixtures, can be controlled by one ballast  using 5-Pin DMX cable or the built-in LumenRadio wireless.

RDM Implementation

Remote Device Management (RDM) allows nearly all settings of Spectrum OS2 to be accessed over DMX networks by compatible devices. Convenient for when the ballast is inaccessible.

DMX Streaming Monitor

When DMX signal is detected, the Spectrum ballast immediately switches to override its operation from local to remote control. With the switch down, OS2 shows live streaming data, often useful for troubleshooting.

Additional Enhancements

Additional enhancements include Improved Color Science and Tint Feature, Streamlined Menu Navigation, Ballast Status Visibility, Enhanced Low-Light Color Consistency, and much more.

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