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A Wrinkle in Time- Behind the Scenes with Sophie Shellenberger

In A Wrinkle in Time, three mysterious astral travelers visit earth to send a young girl, Meg (Storm Reid), her brother, and her friend to a different planet in order to find her missing father. This Sci-Fi Fantasy is based on Madeleine L’Engle’s widely acclaimed 1962 novel of the same name. Ava DuVernay’s latest rendition […]

On Set with Gaffer Jeff Ferrero

Have you seen the latest KFC commercial with Reba McEntire? If the answer is yes, then you may have noticed her singing into a vibrantly glowing microphone lit with Chroma RGB-Daylite LiteRibbon. We recently collaborated with Gaffer Jeff Ferrero and Prop Master Caleb Heller to develop the custom illuminated fixture. LiteGear was able to conceptualize […]

The Shape of Water Comes Up Big; Roger Deakins Scores His First Oscar at the 90th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony

What a night! The Shape of Watercame through in the closest Best Picture race in years. LiteGear would like to give a special shoutout to all of this year’s nominees. We’d also like to congratulate Roger Deakins on his long overdue first ever Best Cinematography Award for his sensational work in Blade Runner 2049. This […]

Red Sparrow – Behind the Scenes with Walter Bithell

Bithell Gives an Inside Look at the Lighting Approach for Francis Lawrence’s Latest Mystery Thriller If you’ve seen the trailer for Red Sparrow, you’d immediately notice the riveting and mesmeric cinematography conducted by Jo Willems, ASC, SBC. This isn’t surprising seeing that Walter Bithell, Jo Willems, and director Florence Lawrence previously worked together on the […]

Roger Deakins Steals the Show at the ASC Awards

Well, that’s another fantastic ASC Awards night in the books. LiteGear would like to give a special shoutout to all of this year’s nominees, and congratulate Roger Deakins on his well-deserved Best Feature Cinematography Award for his visually stunning work in Blade Runner 2049. This is Deakins’ 4th ASC Award win. He also took home […]

Atlanta– Behind the Scenes with Cody Jacobs

Jacobs Gives an Inside Look at the Lighting Scheme for Season Two The FX original series follows Earnest Mars (Donald Glover), a young Princeton dropout, who decides to help his cousin, Alfred (Brian Tyree Henry), make his way up through the Atlanta rap scene. Season 1 was a critically acclaimed success last year, with the […]

Bright– Behind the Scenes with Rick Thomas

The new Netflix original feature takes place in an alternate present day Los Angeles, where humans co-exist with various magical creatures. Daryl Ward (Will Smith) is an LAPD agent who partners up with an orc (Joel Edgerton) to search for an ancient all-powerful relic. Cinematographer Roman Vasyanov and gaffer Rick Thomas combined forces to produce […]

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