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    VHO Pro LiteRibbon LED

    The new VHO Pro LED LiteRibbon is the simplest cinema and tv lighting product available.

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    The new Form-Factor! VHO Pro "X6"

    VHO Pro LiteRibbon LED is available in 2 widths. VHO “X1” features a single row of emitters while VHO “X6” features six rows.

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    LiteDimmer HYBRID

    LiteDimmer Hybrid is a manually controlled, flicker-free LED dimmer. Designed exclusively for use on film, TV and HD Video sets, it offers control of Kelvin temperature along with brightness when used with VHO Pro Hybrid LiteRibbon.

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Team LiteGear includes Lighting Technicians standing by to help with your next project.

LED Products

We are developer of Genuine VHO Pro LiteRibbon™, the "LED Building Blocks" for your next great idea.

LED Controls

World-Class LED LiteDimmers, the only LED dimmers worthy of cinema use.

Mobile Software

In our spare time, we developed "TechScout Touch" mobile ordering app.

Ready to go? Head on over to the store ...

We have the Store all ready to go. Packed with our complete catalog including LiteRibbon, LiteKits, Power Supplies and all necessary cables for your next great project.

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VHO Pro LiteRibbon LED™

VHO Pro LiteRibbon LED™

The new VHO Pro LED LiteRibbon is the simplest color correct lighting product available. Years in the making, just 3 ...

ECO LiteRibbon LED™

ECO LiteRibbon LED™

The Eco series is a budget conscious complete LED lighting solution which offers a large variety of colors, controls and ...

LED LiteDimmer

LED LiteDimmer

Designed exclusively for use on film, TV and HD Video sets, LiteDimmer Single takes the one-thing-well approach to LED ...

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Creating the Tzohar!

  For the movie Noah, Director of Photography Matty Libatique needed to create the effect of the Tzohar, a supernatural light source which was an integral part of telling the story.   Matty ...

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Catching Fire with FauxFlo

Hunger Games: Catching Fire – FauxFlo in action. For the movie Catching Fire, Production Designer Phil Messina designed a dance floor which had elaborate standing chandeliers which he ...

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Litegear LED LiteRibbon is an amazingly versatile tool. Cram a strip into a dashboard, spiral one on a computer screen, tape a bunch to a wall, then cover with a bit of diffusion material and you've got a wonderful, low profile soft source anywhere. The amount of light output is impressive and I'm usually dimming it way down, it's so bright. If you lay some into a "pizza box" with a diffusion covering, you have an extremely lightweight, hand holdable fill light that can be floated and dimmed to taste during at shot with absolutely no color temperature shift. Really, the uses for this stuff is limitless.

- David Wagreich, Director of Photography