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 To begin the process of requesting a repair, please reach out to our Service Team at info@litegear.com.

Once an Authorized Dealer or a LiteGear Service Agent determines that you have a issue that may qualify as a warranty repair, you will be provided an RMA number*.

You must have the RMA number and deliver the defective unit to LiteGear in order to obtain service under warranty.

A sales receipt may be required to verify the original retail purchase. All returned units must have the RMA number visible on the outside of the shipping package, otherwise it may be returned or delayed.

Repairs must be returned within 30 days of your initial request, otherwise a new RMA will need to be requested.

 After receiving return authorization, LiteGear, at its sole discretion, will issue you a shipping label (Ground service or Consolidated Air/International Economy freight) for delivery of your LiteGear product back to the LiteGear Warehouse or a local Authorized Repair Facility. If a repair is being requested that is not covered under warranty, customers will be responsible for the cost of shipping to and from LiteGear.

Upon arrival, your LiteGear product will be thoroughly inspected by a LiteGear Service Technician. If it is determined that your LiteGear product qualifies for a warrantied repair, LiteGear will perform the warrantied repair and ship the product back to you. If the repair required is not covered under warranty, our Service Team will advise the cost for repair or replacement options. 

Once the repair is completed, LiteGear, at its sole discretion, will pay the return shipping costs (Ground service or Consolidated Air/International Economy freight). In the case of any expedited or upgraded shipping requests by the customer, the full amount for shipping is the customer’s sole responsibility.

If, however, it is determined that your LiteGear product does not qualify for a warrantied repair after inspection, you will receive a notification stating the reason(s) for our decision and a detailed quote for the cost of the repairs including shipping charges to return your LiteGear product after it is repaired. Should you choose not to repair your LiteGear product, you are still liable for shipping charges to have your LiteGear product returned to you. LiteGear is not responsible for the payment of any customs clearance fees or duties.

*The determination given by an Authorized Dealer or a LiteGear Customer Service Representative that a product may be subject to a warrantied repair is only the first step in fully determining whether or not a repair falls under Warranty. Final determination will be provided by a LiteGear Service Technician upon inspection of the product.

In the unlikely event that you need to have repairs done on your LiteGear product(s), we require up to 30 days to complete the repair, if the damage is from wear/tear/physical damage. If we need to produce or source custom/individual parts for you specific repair, it may take up to 90 days. November-January are very high-volume months for service, so repairs may take longer.

If you need an expedited repair done, customers will be responsible for expedited shipping costs, and there may be an additional fee for rush labor added to your repair cost.

If your product falls under warranty, we try to have all services/repairs completed within 3 business days of delivery to our Service Center in Burbank, CA.

Please let our Service Team know, prior to sending in any products, if you require the repair to be done within a certain time-frame.