Spectrum OS 3.0 brings a host of new DMX personalities and features to the LiteDimmer Spectrum line of products. A unique Video DMX personality makes it easier than ever to control LiteGear Spectrum products in an image-based lighting environment. DMX smoothing, load-in presets, and updated DMX personalities bring control of Spectrum products to the next level. In addition to DMX improvements, Spectrum OS 3.0 adds more functionality to the USB port with the ability to save service logs, export & import a dimmer settings file, and quickly format a USB stick for updating additional LiteDimmers.Spectrum OS 3.0 works with LiteDimmer Spectrum AC600, AC/DC 200, AC/DC 400, LiteMat Spectrum (2023), and Auroris.

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Spectrum OS 3.0 is compatible with LiteDimmer Spectrum AC/DC 200 & 400, as well as LiteDimmer Spectrum AC 600.

Spectrum OS 2.2 is compatible with LiteDimmer Spectrum DC 200.

We do announce software updates, but typically for major releases only.

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