In 2008, LiteRibbon was introduced by LiteGear to the cinema and television markets in Los Angeles. Since then, LiteRibbon has revolutionized the way sets, props, and costumes are lit around the world.

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No if used with LiteGear dimmers and control equipment. It has been tested up to 1000fps.

Any of the single color LiteRibbons have only 2 wire leads. Hybrid has 3 leads (1 for each color and 1 common) RGB has 4 (1 for each color and 1 common).

LiteDimmer capacity is measured by total amperage not length. LiteDimmer Single can run an entire 5m roll of VHO Literibbon. That’s 8A max. A 5m roll of LiteRibbon Cinema is roughly 8A, so in theory you could have 1- 5m rolls powering off of 1 LiteDimmer Single.)

Yes, LiteRibbon has cut points where an incision can be made.

You can dim them all the way! 100% to 1%. They won’t flicker.

Yes!  That’s one of it’s best qualities!

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