LiteDimmers are used in film and television production for controlling the intensity of light output from LiteGear lighting fixtures. They allow filmmakers to adjust the brightness of the lights to achieve the desired lighting effect for a scene.

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LiteDimmer Spectrum: is compatible with our Spectrum fixtures such as LiteMat Spectrum

LiteDimmer Plus is compatible with our Plus fixtures such as LiteMat Plus and LiteTile Plus.

LiteDimmer Pro is compatible with LiteRibbon, as well as older generation LiteMat fixtures such as LiteMat S1, and LiteMat S2.

LiteDimmer Micro, LiteDimmer Eco, and LiteDimmer Studio are compatible with LiteRibbon.

No, they are not compatible and are not recommended for use with third party LED fixtures.

No. The LiteDimmer Spectrum AC/DC 200, LiteDimmer Spectrum AC/DC 400, LiteDimmer Spectrum AC 600, LiteDimmer Plus AC 400, Duo, and the LiteDimmer Plus AC 400 do not need one.

No, LiteDimmers are not recommended to be used in damp or wet locations.

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