MatPack for LiteMat S2, High Capacity Hybrid

US $799.00

LiteDimmer Pro Hybrid (High Capacity)

LiteDimmer is a flicker-free LED dimmer capable of dimming LiteRibbon or Series 2 LiteMats. LiteDimmer Hybrid 16A can control up to 16 amps. It has very smooth action and outstanding range.

US $459.00

Power Supply, Desktop, 12V DC, 16A, 240W

This is our largest desktop-style power supply. Details: Universal voltage AC input with C-14 connector 12V DC output with PH2 (Phoenix) Female connector

US $259.00

Phoenix-3 Extension Cable, Hybrid, 12 ft. (Flat)

This extension is used to connect between LiteDimmer Hybrid and Hybrid LiteRibbon, or LiteMat S2. It is made of our own 18/4 LitePower round black cable and features a (3-Pin) HyConn Male at one end and a (3-Pin) HyConn female at the other. Available 6′ and 12′, they are the most popular accessory for our LED Hybrid LiteRibbon.

US $22.00

LiteDimmer Pouch, High Capacity

The ideal solution for keeping a LiteDimmer and LitePower Supply together

US $59.00
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