LiteDimmer Spectrum Bundle, 100w DC/200w AC, ON-board, Single, Gold Mount

US $1,609.00

This on-board setup offers the ability to mount a single Gold Mount battery or AC power supply directly to the ballast via kMount. It is the most compact option for your new battery powered LiteMat Spectrum One, Two, or Two-Long.

LiteDimmer Spectrum DC200

LiteDimmer Spectrum is the ideal portable companion for powering Spectrum fixtures and is powered by the 24V, 250W LitePower Power Supply (PS-24V-250W-F-PL4).

US $1,210.00

Power Supply, Desktop, 12V, 250W

This 12VDC, 250W, Desktop Power Supply is compatible with LiteMat Spectrum 1-4 , and LiteMat Plus 1-4.

Power Supply Bracket to kMount

This adapter allows you to optionally use the kMount feature to attach a power supply to the DC ballast for convenient on-board setups.

US $200.00

Gold-Mount Battery Plate to kMount Adapter

Gold-Mount Battery Plate to kMount Adapter is a standard Gold mount battery plate that is compatible with LiteMount.

US $199.00

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