LiteDimmer Plus Bundle, 100W, V-Mount

US $1,197.00

LiteDimmer Plus DC100V, 100W, DC Unit, V-Mount

LiteDimmer+ Plus DC100V is the ideal portable companion for powering +Series fixtures. With a focus on DC input power, the 100W unit can be powered using typical V-Mount-compatible batteries. LiteDimmer+ Plus DC100V is compatible with LiteMat+ Plus 1, 2, and 2L.

US $720.00

Power Supply, Desktop, 12V, 250W

This 12VDC, 250W, Desktop Power Supply is compatible with LiteMat Spectrum 1-4 , and LiteMat Plus 1-4.

US $390.00

LiteDimmer Plus Power Supply Mounting Plate, V Mount

US $87.00

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