In partnership with Exalux, LiteGear brings to the North American market the Control One, an all-in-one DMX console that redefines the process of lighting control for film, television, theatrical and live event sets.

The capabilities of Control One are simply outstanding. DMX fixture profile control of LiteGear, Exalux, Skypanel, Astera, Quasar and a growing list of others stand out as the primary feature.

Jam-Packed with Features

Antenna –  Optimal range of transmission.

Memory – Press to save and restore settings.

CRMX – Enable and disable CRMX transmitter.

CRMX Link/Unlink – Link and unlink CRMX devices.

Set Knob – Navigate, set, and validate.

Master Knob – Select Apps, adjust, fader.

Black Out Mode – Select/deselect blackout mode.

Lock – Lock and unlock screens and knobs.

Screen Select – Allows for screen to be turned off.

Touch Screen – Launch and control applications.

DMX Input

DMX Output

DC Input – 10 – 24 Volt.

DC Input – 5 Volt.

The Exalux Control One also serves as a standalone LumenRadio transmitter.

A Must-Have for Every Cinematographer, Gaffer, DMX Programmer, and Lighting Technician

Manual control of an entire DMX universe, presets and cues, and a full 80 seconds of DMX recording for live streaming and entire universe of playback


Ask your current gaffer to configure your Control One to operate your favorite fixtures just the way you like them. Then when traveling, you will have a solution to fall back on if needed. It’s like taking a bit of your regular crew with you.


The Control One simple interface allows you to stand next to camera or look at the monitor while configuring your looks. You could even setup looks and cues on your prep day.

Console Programmer

It is ideal for use as a remote handheld for the Gaffer or Cinematographer to be merged back into the network. Configure it for use by others such as second unit gaffer, practical gaffer, or the rigging crew during setup days.

Practicals Gaffer

Control One is the perfect tool for setup days when using DMX controlled elements. Don’t count on the DMX Console Programmer for testing your work, give your team unlimited access to an entire universe.

Home Page

The home screen present and App style menu of options. Here you can select 512 faders, popular fixture control, a cue and recording feature, or simple operate as a LumenRadio transmitter. Settings and support are also shown here.


The DMX Map screen provides an at-a-glance view of your entire Control One setup. You can easily see which fixtures are mapped to what location which helps identify when to patch the next one.

Fixtures Setup

The Fixtures screen is where Control One really shines. Here you can operate your selected fixtures, one at a time. The top mounted physical encoders can operate the selected parameter with visual and tactile Haptic feedback.  Setting values for CCT, Hue, or intensity can not be easier.

Fixtures Setup – Profiles

The Fixture Setup screen makes choosing from over 100 popular fixtures profiles a snap. First select the brand, then finish by choosing the specific fixture you want to patch.


The Player screen features three section selectable with tabs. Options include Faders, Fixtures and Recordings. There are 8 possible looks for each type of playback type with options to control the fade time between looks and overall intensity. Each presets can be named using the on-screen keyboard for proper labeling.

The Fader Player allows you to recall or “cue” presets of scenes set by the fader App.


The Fixture Player screen offers easy access to scenes set by using the Fixtures App.

Recorder PLAYER

The Recorder Player can play back DMX recordings that were captured in the Recorder App.


The Recorder App can be a real life saver. Capable of recording up to 80 seconds of live and fully animated incoming DMX signal, the Recorder allows you to capture and keep your most useful effects and looks such as Fire, TV, Cop Light, and even moving light data.


The Transmit App is a simple app designed to all the Control One to serve as a LumenRadio transmitter. It makes a great back-up to your setup.


The settings screen allow access to many preferences such as screen brightness, pin code protection, and factory reset of each parameter.


The Fader screen offer full control of the entire universe in a simple and easy to understand way. Advanced options allow to take simplicity even further with channel selectable Master control, cues and looks, as well as detailed value feedback in 8-bit and percent numbers.