LiteGear U, How to make a Pizza Box light.

In this first edition of LiteGear U, we will be building an LED light panel form a simple pizza box.

Materials needed:

  • 1- 12″ Pizza box, preferably empty
  • 2- Meters LED LiteRibbon, your choice of warm or cool with a power lead attached.
  • 1- Power supply
  • 1- LED LiteDimmer
  • 1- 12″ x 12″ White Diffusion (Lee 250 or 216)
  • 1- Small amount of Tape (ATG prefered)
  • 1- Zip Tie
  • 1- Knife

Begin by cutting on opening in the lid, leaving a 1″ boarder on all 4 sides. Next, attached the diffusion to the inner surface of the lid with tape as shown in the image below.

Then apply the section of LiteRibbon to the inside surface of the box bottom. Start by removing the adhesive backing material for the first run. Apply the ribbon firmly and, at the end of the first row, make a bent in the ribbon as shown in the picture below. Continue with rows and bends, spacing evenly as you go until you reach the other side of the box. Trim the LiteRibbon to fit.

Now, where the cable enters the box, create a small hole in the cardboard, and install a ziptie as a cable strain relief.

Next, connect the Power Supply and LiteDimmer, and power up!

We used High-Output Cool White LiteRibbon and are getting a 2.8 at 400 asa, from 2′ away.

The end result is a thin, soft light suitable for rental on your next job. I am thinking $100 per day……..

Thanks for following along. This is just an example of the thousands of projects that can be created with LED LiteRibbon. We are off to finally eat some pizza! Enjoy.