Can I cut LiteRibbon anywhere I want?

Pretty much.  Literibbon has cut points every 3 LEDs where an incision can be made.

What is the minimum voltage I can run LiteRibbon?

Any voltage above 8V will fire LiteRibbon but normal operating voltage is 12V.

What is approximate Kelvin rating?

LiteRibbon “Daylite” is around 6000K, LiteRibbon “Tugsten” is 3200K.  Hybrid LiteRibbon is adjustable from 3200K to 6000K

I know LiteRibbon is bendable, but can I curve it in the other direction?

Yes you can curve it in the other direction but it can only be done at certain radii.

Can I power from a running vehicle?

Yes.  Using the cigarette lighter adapter you can power it off of the automotive 12V outlets BUT it can overload the vehicle.  Most 12V auto electrical systems are not designed to handle 8A of continuous draw.  We strongly suggest using the Litegear Powermonitor so you don’t damage the electrical system.

How is wiring RGB and Hybrid LiteRibbon different than single color?

Any of the single color Literibbons have only 2 wire leads.  Hybrid has 3 leads (1 for each color and 1 common) RGB has 4 (1 for each color and 1 common)

Does LiteRibbon flicker?

No if used with Litegear dimmers and control equipment.  It has been tested up to 1000fps.

Does LiteRibbon need a heat sink?

Generally speaking, no.  But depending on ventilation and the surrounding environment, it may need a heat sink.

How can I make a panel light of LiteRibbon?

It’s very easy. We’ll have an instructional video up on that soon but for now Please check out“How to Make a Pizza Box Light” in the Litegear U section of our site. It will give you an idea of how it’s done.

Can I use any type of Power Supply?

Yes. But it needs to put out 12VDC and is rated for the capacity of the LiteRibbon you are going to attach to it. Check out our power supply page.

How long will LiteRibbon operate on AA batteries?

That really depends on what kind of LiteRibbon and also how long the run of LiteRibbon you are needing to power. 8 AA Alkiline batteries is roughly 2Ahr. That means you can power 4 feet of VHO 120 LiteRibbon (2A draw) for 1 hour.

LED Controls

Can I reuse LiteRibbon?

Yes!  That’s one of it’s attractive qualities!

How low can I dim LED’s and still be flicker free?

You can dim them all the way! 100% to 1%. They won’t flicker.

What is the maximum length I can run on a dimmer?

Dimmer capacity is measured by total amperage not length. LiteDimmer Single can run an entire 5m roll of VHO Literibbon. That’s 8A max. A 5m roll of VHO Pro is roughly 8A, so in theory you could have 1- 5m rolls powering off of 1 LiteDimmer Single.

Will LiteDimmer Single work with Rosco LitePad?

Yep! All of our power supplies, distribution and dimming are compatible with Rosco Litepad.


Where are you guys located?

We are located in beautiful Burbank, CA in the greater Los Angeles area.

Can you do custom work?

Yes! LiteGear has done custom work for many feature films,TV shows, commercials, Art installs and architectural projects. Give us a call and let’s talk.

Who are some of your clients?

Our products have been in the following projects: Star Trek, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Don’t Mess with the Zohan, Bones, Sex and the City 2, Bedtime Stories, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, The Mentalist, Couples Retreat, and many, many more.