Chroma 120Chroma LiteRibbon™ is a single row of wide-angle, low profile LED emitters mounted to a flexible adhesive backed circuit board which has cut points located after every 3 emitters allowing LiteRibbon to be cut to length. It has been designed specifically to be used as a light-source when either flexibility, size or low power consumption are critical. Is available in four colors: Red (620-625nm), Green (520-525nm), Blue (465-470nm), and Yellow (585-590nm).

Chroma “RGB” LiteRibbon™ is available in just 1 density and is 12mm wide. It includes all-in-one emitters in Red, Green, and Blue color on 16mm pitch, or 60 per meter.

The Chroma RGB line also includes an RGB+W (white) and RGB+A (amber/yellow) product. These are both double wide and populated with single color emitters.

Typical control with multi-color products is DMX dimmers. See LED Dimmers (store link) section for more information.

Chroma “Single” 120 is 10mm wide and available in 4 colors. It is assembled with 120 emitters per meter (8mm spacing).